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Shozam is at your service! Let us create your perfect, individualized Shozam website using just the services you need. Want a custom theme? We can do that. Want to match or integrate with your existing website? We can do that. Want to add a blog or forum? We can do that too. Just about anything you want for your Shozam website, we can do.

Once your website is completed, we turn it back over to you – you're in control. Check out how you can expand and enhance your site through Shozam Services.

Shozam Services

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Custom Themes

Express your brand or integrate your Shozam gallery with any existing website.

  • Match specific color schemes, logos, and other branding elements
  • Seamlessly integrate a Shozam gallery into your existing website
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Additional Pages

Expand your Shozam website with additional custom content.

  • Traditional “Home Page”
  • Content pages
  • Personalized “About Us” page
  • Price lists
  • Help pages
  • Other pages unique to you and your business
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Dynamic Forms

Engage your viewers with interactive add-on pages such as surveys and contact forms.

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Give your customers a voice, reduce your support costs and increase your website ranking. Build customer retention and loyalty.

  • Blog set up
  • Integration with your website
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Give your customers a voice, reduce your support costs and increase your website ranking. Build customer retention and loyalty.

  • Forum set up
  • Integration with your website
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Website Analytics

Track visitor statistics and improve your marketing. See sample dashboard screen.

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Email Newsletter

  • Newsletter design
  • Campaign set up
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Online Marketing

Promote your gallery website. Reach more customers with Google AdWords.

  • Campaign set up
  • Ad copywriting assistance
  • Keyword generation
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Website Setup

Starting from scratch? Let us do the heavy lifting.

  • Domain name search and registration
  • Webhost selection and set up
  • Upload presets for one-click webhost uploading
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Other Services

Need something else? Let us know.


Put Shozam Services to Work for You!

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Just contact us and tell us what you need. We’ll do out best to make it happen.

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QuickView Guides

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QuickView Guide

Shozam QuickStart

The fastest way to get your Shozam website up and running. Includes the basics for creating your website and uploading it to any webhost. Bonus features include how to choose and register a domain name, and how to pick a webhost.

Introductory price: $15.95 $9.95 - Reserve your copy (coming soon)

QuickView Guide

Website Optimization

Help visitors find you by improving your organic search rankings.

Introductory price: $15.95 $9.95 - Reserve your copy (coming soon)

QuickView Guide

Create Your Own Professional Photo Website in a Flash!

Save money, make money with Shozam. Get step-by-step instructions for creating your own Shozam business website and getting it online. You’ll learn about:

  • Domain name selection and registration
  • Webhost options and upload settings
  • Website set up basics and advanced money-making options
  • Traffic building to bring visitors to your site

Introductory price: $24.95 $14.95 - Reserve your copy (coming soon)









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Product Family


Shozam Lite Edition

For people who want a beautiful web gallery, but don't want to spend a lot of time or money to create it. The software's user interface is streamlined, so you don't bother with options you don't want.

Get this Edition for:

  • Fast, easy gallery creation
  • Affordability, with great results



Shozam Express Edition

For people who want to go beyond a photo gallery and add video clips, music, narration, captions and descriptions to their web galleries.

Additional features:

  • Multimedia content (audio, video)
  • Control image quality
  • Control image cropping
  • Display high resolution images

Learn more


Shozam Advanced Edition

For photographers and other professionals who want a lot of gallery customization and image control options, or want to easily integrate a photo gallery into an existing web site.

Additional features:

  • Copyright protection
  • Built-in Theme Editor
  • Display photos on maps
  • Include links to external pages

Learn more


Shozam Business Edition

For people who want to make money from their web galleries or use the program's HTML customization options.

Additional features:

  • Integrated shopping cart
  • Make money with ads on your site
  • Add your custom HTML code
  • Control search engine optimization

Learn more


Shozam BusinessPlus Edition

For web designers who want to generate professional client web galleries, but don't want to disclose their creation tool.

Additional features:

  • Create "white label" galleries

Learn more



Customers rave about our services...

Photoshop TV

“I LOVE your personal services! You gave my website the boost I needed and for a lot less than using my usual web guy.”

Scott James, Simi Valley, CA

Photoshop TV

"Thank you! You have been a tremendous help! As a business, we appreciate your promptness & wonderful product."

Vijay Thakar, Rolling Meadows, IL

Photoshop TV

"I value your services equally with the product, and you've impressed me in both areas. Thank you for making Shozam a successful part of our endeavors."

Larry Allen, San Jose, CA
Allen's Portrait Arts

Photoshop TV

"Thank you for such quick service. I am really excited by this product, and it's hard to get me excited about programs. This is going to be a great benefit to me."

Steve Dye, Salem, VA
Steve Dye Photography

Photoshop TV


Tina Scott, Richland, WA


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